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What we do

Pursuing The Dream Of Blissful Life

Working towards the welfare of mentally challenged kids, we have been able to achieve the trust of many parents. Mentally challenged kids are very special and so they need special teaching. In a way towards enriching the life of special kids, we have various stages by which the potential of kid is enhanced gradually.

Professional full Gat -

Each and every kid has creativity in them and we strive to bring it out by asking them to make different handicrafts. We also teach them to clean grains & gather it, thereby increasing the efficiency of kids.

Secondary Gat -

After professional gat there comes secondary gat. At this stage we enlighten the kids of the outside world by educating them about general knowledge, environment study, Marathi etc. And also teach them extra activities like vegetable chopping, preparing it, teaching them about the usage of household appliances, etc.

Primary Gat -

At primary gat, we make kids familiar with alphabets and numbers, as a first step towards making them literate.

Pre –Primary -

At this stage we examine the ADL (Activities of Daily Living) of the kids like bathing, eating, dressing, walking, toileting, etc. so as to understand which activities to work on of the kids. And we try to improve those activities with the kids so as to achieve success in Activity in Quality Life. Special attention is also given to reduce the speech problem in kids.

From the beginning of the organization we have seen that the above mentioned stages have played a significant role in improving the potential of kids towards living a normal life.

We take at most care of mentally challenged kids and give special attention to enhance their intelligence; mental progress and physical capability. Physiotherapy, Exercise, yoga, dance, sports, handicraft, physical work and life related activities are also undertaken; thereby making a mentally challenged kid equivalent to the normal kid. We understand that while raising a mentally challenged kid, parents need a lot of emotional strength. And so we provide special guidance to the parents. We believe that we are just a means by which parents can make their kids’ life happier.

From the initial stage of starting the organization we have been striving to bring happiness in the life of many kids. Current academic year 2016 -17 consists of total 42 students. Among this 10 are native & 32 are non – native students.

Transport And Hostel Facility

We also provide free hostel facilities for needy students. And for those students finding difficulty in travelling, we offer bus facility also.

Meeting With Parents

In order to make parents aware of the progress of kids during the course of education, we organize monthly meetings with parents. Special guidance is also given to parents if required. As an extra curriculum activity we organize various competitions for parents.